♡ The Bunnies ♡

A quick list of some websites with TONS of rabbit information. I myself learned from a lot of these and watching youtube videos. There's a bunch of information to learn about these little creatures, care, and housing needs.
Rabbits are a 10 year commitment They are not pets for children. They require just as much, if not more, hands on care than a cat or dog would. PLEASE do research before purchasing or adopting a rabbit. While they are very cute, they are prey animals and rabbits can take time to warm up to you.

Where to Adopt?

I adopted my rabbits from Bunny World Foundation, a Los Angeles, CA based organization.
Bunny Bunch is a NO KILL shelter with several locations in CA. They also chinchillas and guinea pigs.
LA Rabbit Foundation Another organization with lots of rabbits that need homes.
Rabbit Rescue based in Paramount, CA. They have boarding, adoptions, and informaton here.
Petfinder is also a great way to find rabbits that you can adopt in your area. Many shelters will post here.

Resources and Care

Here are some sites with lots of information about rabbit care and things you will need before bringing a little bun into your life. From medical, diet, and housing, you will find all the info you need. Rabbits also need to go to special vets as they are considered "exotic" animals. These sites have directories for you to find a vet near you!
Rabbit Care: Information and Resource Library
Rabbit.Org: Find vets, care info, become a foster, or adopt.
Lennon The Bunny on youtube has been a fantastic source of information. I watched Lorelei's videos about what a rabbit's space should look like in a home when I first got Mochi. She has a bunch of videos going over things like rabbit behaviors, is your rabbit sick?, what does your rabbit need in their enclosure and more. While there are many content creators out there that may provide information, I personally watched her for my info when first starting out.

BunnyLady: Rabbit Care Guide

Unlike what cartoons such as Bugs Bunny have taught us, rabbits do NOT eat carrots as their main source of food. Carrots are actually high in sugar and are considered a treat. Their main diet consists of hay (I feed mine Timothy Hay), leafy greens (such as lettuces, carrot tops, and herbs.) Some leafy greens are not suggested as a part of a regular diet due to their nutritional content.
As a treat, I will give my buns a little peice of banana, grape, or even dried flowers.

Please do your own research if you are ever considering getting a rabbit. They can live up to 10+ years if healthy and taken care of properly. You should always spay and neuter your rabbit (and all pets) to ensure they live a happy life. I would highly suggest adopting and not supporting big box chains that sell rabbits. While those bunnies need homes too, it perpetuates the cycle. Giving a rabbit a home has been such a joy. I hope you'll look at these little critters in a new light and if able, think about housing one of your own.

Mochi Bun

Chobani & Sesame
Really Cute Bunny