♡ The Bunnies ♡

Rabbits, bunnies, oh how I love them. I have liked rabbits for a long, long time. My young childhood room was Peter Rabbit themed. Maybe it's because of this decor decision by my parents that I developed my love for these small fluffy creatures.

  • hungry
  • sassy
  • curious
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  • Chobani
  • baby
  • shy
  • scaredy bun
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  • Sesame and Chobani are two lion head rabbit sisters we adopted in 2020 from Bunny World Foundation.
    Adopt Don't Shop.
    I call them my Fairy Buns. When they run around in little circles when it's time for a treat, it warms my heart. They are partially free-roam rabbits in my room. They enjoy fresh hay, lettuce from a local farm, and during the summer frozen grapes.

    Their Gotcha Day is September 19, 2020. They were about a year old when we adopted them. Their personalities are so funny. Sesame is so food driven. If there's a treat in hand, she is there! Chobani is a little more shy. Even now, she comes up for treats but prefers to not be pet.

    Mochi Bun

    Chobani & Sesame
    Really Cute Bunny