♡ The Bunnies ♡


April 20, 2014 I purchased a little cream and white bunny from the outdoor markets. I knew nothing of rabbits or all the care and space they would need. All I saw were these little baby rabbits being mishandled by children. I begged my (ex)bf if we could get one. I wanted to give one a home, a safe space. We took home this little guy & named him Mochi Bun.
Mochi, 4/20/14

I quickly learned about rabbit care and what my new little guy would need. Fast forward several years later and I had gone vegan, changed all the products I used to cruelty free alternatives, and rabbit advocate.
To say that this little market bunny has changed my life would be an understatement to all of the things I have learned, the changes I have made to my diet and lifestyle, and the love I now have for these precious creatures.

Mochi passed away November 1, 2017. Two years later, on World Vegan day, November 1, 2019, I got my Mochi tattoo. Commissioned the art from one of my wonderful artist friends. I get to see my beautiful boy's face on my arm every day. Still vegan, still loving bunnies, still raising awareness for rabbit care. I hope that I can continue to give these small animals wonderful lives and spread knowledge and facts to others who are thinking of adopting bunnies.

Adopt don't shop.

Mochi Bun

Chobani & Sesame
Really Cute Bunny