I've been playing video games for a long time. My earliest gaming memory is playing Gyruss on my dad's NES. I played a handful of titles on our childhood Nintendo 64 that still stick out to me even today. In high school I really took a step back from console gaming and was sucked into World of Warcraft. I have super fond memories of that game but I've since moved on from my MMORPG days.
This list is not a compilation of all games played but one's that I'd consider my favorite and have lots to say about.

Here I'd like to showcase some of my favorite games and what I liked about them.
Kirby 64 - Crystal Shards
♡ Metal Gear Solid - Twin Snakes, MGS3
♡ Nier Automata
♡ Undertale
♡ Pokemon Silver
♡ .Hack Series
♡ Panel De Pon